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Find Minorities, Save Your Future


We’ve already provided some great companies with the diversity they need. You could be next!

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We do all the hard work for you by finding and vetting LGBTQ candidates; you simply need to select the person you want to engage. We have a range of LGBTQ community members who will sign a document stating they work at your company without messing up your systems.



Register on our website to see the available candidates.


Choose from database

As soon as you are registered, we will send you rentable minority options via email.

Pick the right one, agree to a small fee, and send over the paperwork.


Pay and enjoy

Your company is now futureproofed from cancellation by meeting the current diversity mandates.


Why Choose Us

Fast Renting Process

All you need is to select the right minority from our database.
They don’t need to actually perform the job, they simply sit in virtual meetings.

Low Fees

Rent a Trans charges the lowest fees on the market. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Large Talent Pool

In our database, you can find all manner of LGBT members or skin color minorities. The choice is yours to find the right member for your director board.

Local & Remote

As a result of Covid, companies have shifted to online platforms in droves. We suggest you onboard our minorities as virtual members, who can even be muted at meetings.

Gain a competitive advantage

Companies that don’t comply with the new laws will face consequences. When you take on an LGBTQ member, you gain an edge over your competitors.

Secure your future

Your company is your future. By complying with the new laws, you are greenlighting a bright and beautiful future for your business.

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