Rent a trans

Who are we?


We give you back the freedom, to make your own hiring decisions


Since the new minority laws were enacted, businesses are looking for ways to fill empty seats with people of color or members of the LGBTQ community.
It’s no easy decision when the state dictates who you need to hire, backed by the ability to cancel your company anytime.
Rent a Trans is giving the freedom back to companies to hire who they wish, while still remaining within the bounds of the new diversity quotas.


Max Sopo

Max Sopo

Director of Operations

Max works in the corporate sector, where he tackles daily leadership responsibilities. He started from nothing and worked his way up into the corporate board, applying the knowledge and expertise he gained in the field.

Fast Sopo

Fast Sopo

Lead Recruter

Fast spends his time as a freelance recruiter agent finding the best candidate for each position. He believes that talent, knowledge, and expertise are the key forces to succeed in the workplace.

Find and hire a minority from our database in less than 24 hours!


Why work with us?

  • Secure your future

Guarantee your qualification for grants, tender opportunities, and government work.

  • Fast renting process

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. To find LGBTQ job seekers and get on with your work, simply reach out to us.

  • Don’t lose your competitive advantage

Hiring decisions should never be removed from your hands; remain in control by working with us.

  • Up-to-date database

We have qualified LGBTQ job seekers registered in our database for all fields of work.

  • Local and remote

To address the changes COVID-19 has forced on us all, we engage both local and remote LGBTQ job seekers.

  • Excellent return on investment

Our fee is insignificant compared to what you stand to lose if you don’t meet your diversity quotas.